We care deeply about education for all people. We are a learning community, and we are a community of lifelong learners. We believe that using our minds and our intellects is a gift, and part of what it means for us to be engaged and thoughtful Christians. We encourage each other to engage life and faith critically, with intelligence, imagination, and love.


Our Education programs are rooted around four core values: study, the arts, service, and fun. Deep learning that has the ability to transform a life for a lifetime needs all four of those. Find out where you and your family can connect.

Youth Ministry

Youth group can be one of the most important and faith forming experiences of a person's life. We take pride in running a great youth group. Teenagers should be able to engage the tough questions that life gives them. They should be able to form lifelong friendships. They should be able to have fun, learn, grow, serve, and have positive mentorship. Youth at Community House eat together, learn together, have fun together, make music together, serve the community together, and to learn who they are together.


Community House has a shared youth group with Riverview United Presbyterian Church. Our youth ministry is the only intentionally LGBTQIA+ affirming youth program on the Northside

Vacation Bible School

We partner with Riverview United Presbyterian Church to put on one of the last free VBS programs in the city of Pittsburgh. Kids have fun, learn, and build community. We believe that VBS should be done excellently and should give kids an opportunity to feel loved and to see where God is moving.

Riverview United Presbyterian Church

3505 Perrysville Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15214



Kids are great. We love kids, all kinds of kids, from all kinds of families. Jesus says that we should engage God the way children do. Our kids' ministries are designed to let kids engage with faith the way that they do most naturally. Kids have the opportunity to learn in an open and supportive community each Sunday and throughout the week, and in the process they learn to love and serve God's people. 

Sunday School happens during worship. 11:15am

Adult Education

We offer lots of opportunities to learn throughout the year. From classes and discussion groups to book studies, art exhibitions and lecture series, we offer a diversity of ways that adults can continue to learn and grow. Adult education opportunities are led by a variety of talented teachers. If you have an idea of something you'd like to learn or teach, let us know! 

Summer School at Community House

Beginning in the summer of 2020, Community House is hosting Summer School. We will be inviting a series of professors, artists, community activists, and other lecturers to lead this awesome discussion series. There will be a modest ticket price to compensate the instructors, and the events will be byob. Keep an eye out for the summer schedule!

Community House
Presbyterian Church

120 Parkhurst

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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