Community House

Presbyterian Church



“God is love.
Those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.”

[1 John 4:16]

We believe that there is no understanding of life, or of scripture, without interpretation. We choose to interpret in the light of Christ's life of radical love, inclusiveness, and generous action. We believe that God's love tears away the labels that are created by society to degrade and disenfranchise people, and define them as anything other than beloved individuals who bear the image of God. We stand firm in our commitment to be a loving and open community that welcomes everyone to the table of grace, peace, and light. We embrace and celebrate diversity, responding to the love of God that welcomes people of every race, culture, sexual orientation, and worldly condition. We believe that the presence of God in the world is realized in our actions for love, justice, and peace. We proclaim, celebrate, and share the gracious love of God which we experience in Jesus Christ, and which makes us one diverse family, one rich tapestry, of the People of God.

Join us for worship on Sunday at 11:15.

There's room at the table for you.


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